Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Patient's Like Me--Tysabri Thread

I was updating my profile on "Patient's Like Me" and I came across this posting that I added over 2 years ago before I decided to start taking Tysabri:

Hi, I am interested in hearing from anyone that is currently receiving Tysabri.  My MS has become very aggressive.  I have developed over 10 lesions in my brain within 7 months of being diagnosed.  I also have 4 lesions in my spinal cord.  I am currently on Copaxone but it's not aggressive enough so my doctor at UC San Francisco wants me to consider Tysabri.  I am trying to get as much info as I can from actual patients.  Please help.  I am a little afraid, at the same time, if I don't do something, I'm sure that I will become more disabled.  Right now my feet are numb and I get sharp, shooting pains all over my body.  I am also very scatter brained and forgetful.  I know a lot of you can relate.  Any info that you have would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a link to the entire thread and some of the responses that I received from other patients:

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