Sunday, January 15, 2012

Prayer for Receiving Healing

My Mom loaned me this book almost a year ago.  I finally started reading it today and I came across a page that was actually folded as a way to book mark it.  On page 85 of this book, I found the most amazing prayer.  Actually, below is the last paragraph of that page.  I plan to meditate on this prayer as much as I can.  I know that if it be God's will, I will be healed from MS.  If not, I believe He will continue to make it possible for me to live my life to the fullest regardless.

Dear Lord,
If this sickness has been caused by an infectious organism, show me the weakness in my immune system that has allowed it to find entrance into my body.  Show me if I am eating wrong.  Show me if I am relying on medications and man-made answers that are not in your will for me.  I loose, strip, and destroy the power and hold of this infection or disease from my body.  I loose, strip, and destroy the reproductive cycle of this organism.  I loose any wrong beliefs, any wrong attitudes, any bitterness from my soul that are sustaining vulnerability and weakness in my body.  I ask you to reveal any other sources of access that are in me.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Breaking The Power--Liberty Savard
(Bridge-Logos Publishing 1997)

Whether you have MS, or some other illness in your body, consider meditating on this prayer.


  1. Hey Honey had to go in and reset my password for this site so ....hope you get this k? That is a power filled prayer and I want us to pray it everyday o.k. I remember Joel Olsteen saying one time that we have not in the healing blessings because we ask not Jesus is well able and still just as powerful as ever and I know he just waits for us to tap into it with all the faith we have . Mommy loves you.

  2. Thanks Mommy. Yes, let's pray this everyday for everyone in our lives that have something going on in their body. Thank you for lending me this book. It really is a blessing to me and my "unsurrendered soul". I love you too.