Monday, December 27, 2010

Handicapped Parking

I have a question for my viewers. "When a person parks in a space marked for "Handicap", what should that person look like?  Should they be in a wheelchair or have a cane?  Is it ok if you cannot tell by looking at them or watching them that they be able to use that spot w/o you doing a triple take?  Disabled parking is not just for the obvious.  I have included a link to the DMV criteria for disabled parking in my state.  NV DMV Disabled Parking  I encourage people to read requirements by the DMV in order to receive a handicap placard or license plate.  You cannot tell by looking at me that I am approved to use handicapped parking but I am and I do.  At first, I actually felt bad and worried about what people would think of me.  I don't always feel the need for it and on days like that , I use regular parking spots.  I truly felt like I needed to explain myself or try to appear more visually impaired.  I finally got over that because guess what, if a person is ignorant enough to stare at you like you're doing something wrong, you will probably end up in an argument with them by asking them if they have a problem.  And for what?  I know better than to stress myself out since for most people, ignorance is bliss anyways.  So I have decided to keep it movin and go about my business. Then of course there are the people that know you a tiny bit so they feel comfortable asking you why you are parking there.  I still haven't learned how to respond to that question w/o saying, "It's none of your business or why do you ask?"  Cause if you knew me that well then you wouldn't need to ask me that question.  I know for the most part that curiosity can cause people to forget their manners.  If you are one of those people then I forgive you.  Just take the time to educate yourself every now and then and maybe you won't need to know why someone is parking in a "Handicapped" spot when they are not in a wheelchair or walking with a cane.  Let's all try not to be so simple minded.

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